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Aerosols, Coatings and Adhesives in California & Nevada

Many industries use supplies such as adhesives, aerosols and coatings in essential processes. If you are looking for a source to buy these items from, you should seek a company who provides reliable and high quality products. Such is the reputation California Industrial Rubber Company has developed in the greater Fresno area.

In order to meet our diverse clients’ needs, we offer a wide range of products in these categories, and we are a top distributor for many of the leading manufacturers and brands. Our selection includes all of the following products and more:

  • 3M instant adhesive
  • LPS spray lubricant
  • Flexane putty
  • Floor grip coating
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Epoxy sealer
  • Spray adhesive
  • Brushable ceramic
  • Contact cements
  • Pump repair compound
  • Plastic adhesive
  • Contact cement
  • Tire and rubber gasket adhesive
  • Belt dressing
  • Silicone spray
  • Plastic steel putty
  • Urethane adhesive
  • Vulcanizing cements
  • Epoxy adhesive

We specialize in supplying industrial clients with these and other items we have for sale. We take each client’s purchase seriously and strive to fulfill it efficiently and accurately. You can count on us for an excellent customer service experience and all of your industrial supply needs.

The Supplies You Need and Quality You Demand in California and Nevada

Few suppliers can rival the selection of aerosols and adhesives we offer our clients. California Industrial Rubber Company specializes in selling quality industrial supplies such as matting to our clients. We serve markets throughout California and Nevada, including Fresno, Yuba City, Sparks, Nev., Merced, Tulare and Bakersfield. If you are looking for an industrial supply partner in any of these places, we are the name to trust. Reach out to us at 559-268-7321 for more information on placing an order.

Adhesives, Aerosols & Coatings

Stocking distributor for 3M, Devcon, Red Devil, Pang, Rema Tip-Top & Eclectic Products in the following styles & types.

3M Instant Adhesive Vulcanizing Cements
Tire & Rubber Gasket Adhesive Belt Dressing
Epoxy Adhesive Silicone Spray
Urethane Adhesive Plastic Steel Putty
Plastic Adhesive Pump Repair Compound
Contact Cement Brushable Ceramic
Spray Adhesive Epoxy Sealer
Adhesive/Sealant Floor Grip Coating
LPS Spray Lubricant Flexane Putty