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5 Tips to Improve Sanitation On Your Food Production Line

Food Production Line Sanitation Inspector
In the food production business, you are probably concerned about two primary things: the quality of the products that your company produces and the cleanliness of your production facility. If you are worried that the sanitation in your factory is not up to par, you could be wondering what to do about it. These are a few tips that can help.

1. Use Food-Quality Conveyor Belting

First of all, you need to be careful about the conveyor belting that you purchase for your manufacturing line. You should only choose food-grade conveyor belting. This belting is designed to come in contact with food, so it's safe and sanitary. Plus, it is designed to be easy to thoroughly clean.

2. Require Employees to Wear Gloves

It seems so simple, but it really is important to make sure that your employees always wear gloves while they're on the line. Make sure that these gloves are designed for use in the food handling industry. By wearing gloves, your employees can help avoid contaminating the food. Plus, your employees may be more comfortable with gloves since they can avoid having skin contact with the food.

Make sure that your employees also know not to reuse disposable gloves and to always change their gloves after coming in contact with cleaning supplies or after walking away from the assembly line.

3. Focus on Proper Sanitation Training

You can't expect for your employees to know what they are supposed to do when it comes to sanitation in the factory. Instead, you should ensure they go through training so that they will be aware of safe food handling practices and proper sanitation practices.

Along with ensuring that new hires undergo this training, you may want to host refresher training periodically for all of your employees. After all, even the best of employees can forget what they might have learned if their sanitation training was long ago. Plus, as time goes on, you may come up with improved processes, so you can update your employees on these things during refresher training.

4. Keep Sanitation Supplies Close to the Production Line

You should keep essential sanitation supplies close to the production line for a few reasons. For one thing, if employees know that the supplies that they need for cleaning equipment on the line is close by, they might be more likely to use them than if they had to leave the line to retrieve it. This can help you ensure that they stay on top of their cleaning tasks.

Additionally, by keeping sanitation supplies in a convenient location, you can reduce downtime. After all, if employees have to leave the line to retrieve these items, this can slow the entire production line down, which is obviously something that you want to avoid.

5. Add Cleaning to the Schedule

Don't just tell your employees to clean the production line and equipment regularly. Regular cleaning can be subjective and can lead to some employees not cleaning as frequently as they probably should be. Instead, create a clear cleaning and sanitation schedule and require your employees to abide by it.

Along with requiring employees to clean the line at the beginning or end of their shifts, schedule in other cleaning times. For example, you might require employees to stop the line once per hour to wipe everything down. By implementing a schedule, you can help ensure that employees are on the same page and that cleaning tasks are done regularly.
Maintaining proper cleanliness and sanitation on your food production line is critical. By implementing these tips, you can help focus on food safety and sanitation in your plant. For more tips and options for sanitation supplies like food-grade conveyor belting and gloves, contact us at California Industrial Rubber Company.