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Three Benefits of Workstation Rubber Mats

heavy duty rubber mat flooring
Installing rubber mats or flooring has its advantages, especially in an industrial work setting. Placing mats in heavy-use work areas can lessen the likelihood of potential dangers that can threaten you and your employees at work. It also will increases the level of comfort, satisfaction and thus the production output of your workers. Here are three reasons that rubber mats can assist you and your employees over the long run.

Low Maintenance

Rubber mats are easy to maintain. They act as a tray for dust, shavings and other non-useful materials that fall from the air or workstation. This will make it easier for your staff to clean the floors while simply washing or sweeping the mats.

Slip Resistant

Rubber flooring sticks to concrete or tile without the use of adhesives, therefore does not create slippage on the floor such as carpets or rugs. In addition, fluid on rubber surfaces will deter someone from slipping, as opposed to a clean, smooth floor.


Rubber matting, such as our grey vinyl sponge mats, is made from soft, thick material. Standing hours on end on hard concrete floors can weaken your workers’ feet and knees. On the contrary, standing on rubber mats will give your employees a cushioned flooring to ease the pressure from their arches and joints.
You can minimize workplace hazards all while keeping your employees happy by installing rubber mats or flooring. Contact California Industrial Rubber Company today to inquire about our flooring options.