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Maintain Productivity With Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Business

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Fatigue aims directly at productivity in the workplace. Tired employees will typically not operate at the same level of efficiency as they would if they were not tired. As a business owner, your goal should be to fight fatigue before it hinders productivity.

If your on-site operations require your employees to stand up for long periods of time, anti-fatigue mats provide an excellent way to go about accomplishing this goal.

Fatigue from Standing Up

For employees that perform much of their work duties while standing, comfort and safety are essential. Standing on a hard floor for an extended period of time can lead to back pain, foot pain and knee pain - especially if the individual has suffered injuries to these areas in the past.

When an employee is dealing with discomfort, they may be less focused on the task at hand. Health concerns may also arise for an employee who stands for extended periods. Five hours of standing in a day can introduce muscle fatigue, which may increase their risk for long-term back pain. These are all concerns that employers shouldn't ignore.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats work to limit fatigue in the workplace. Instead, of standing on a hard surface, employees can perform their daily duties while standing on the softer, plusher surface these rubber mats provide. This softer surface minimizes the pain that leads to injury and fatigue, which will ultimately help everyone maintain satisfactory productivity levels day after day.

In addition to greater comfort, anti-fatigue mats may also reduce the occurrence of slips and falls because their rubber surface provides more traction than hard flooring like concrete. These mats can also work to save you money. Rather than replacing your hard flooring, you can install these mats at a fraction of the cost. 

Selection Tips

Anti-fatigue mats are available in a range of different options. To ensure you're making the ideal selection for your business needs, learn some of the selection factors to keep in mind while searching.

Wet or Dry

Anti-fatigue mats are separated into two main categories: dry use or wet use. A dry-use mat is one designed for use in environments where there is no contact with moisture, such as an office building. Mats intended for wet use are designed with small perforated holes in them so that any liquids can easily flow through and away from the mat.

For dry use, you can use either style. For a wet environment, it is essential to use the proper type of mat to maintain safety and prevent damage to the mat. Consider the area where the mat will be placed and go from there.


The amount of time your employees typically spend on their feet offers cues for how thick the mat needs to be. For an employee that only spends part of their day standing up, a mat that is at least 3/8" thick is a good starting point. However, for someone who spends nearly the entire day on their feet, a mat that is 5/8" thick might be a better solution.

Just ensure you're mindful of the level of traffic around the area. If there is high traffic in the space surrounding the mat, even if the employees spend much of their day standing up, a mat that is too thick will create a tripping hazard.

At California Industrial Rubber Company, we carry a long line of anti-fatigue mats that are designed to suit a variety of industries, including manufacturing, industrial and food service. No matter your operation, we can help you find a solution to keep your employees safer and protect productivity.