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The Importance of Conveyor Systems for Food Processing

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Processing food products is much different from manufacturing other goods. When handling food, manufacturers are bound by stringent safety standards set forth by the USDA and FDA. Conveyor systems help keep the manufacturer in line and the consumer safe.

Spreads Food Out

Conveyor systems spread foods out so workers can identify easily any bad or questionable items. Most food is processed in bulk quantities, so personnel must be able to see everything passing by quickly and easily.


As the food passes by, workers or machinery can quickly sort the foodstuffs to send it to its next destination. In some cases, foods are sent to a washer for cleaning, while in other cases, it might be sent on for quality control.

Pneumatic Separation

In cases where foods must be separated from their husks, such as grains or beans, manufacturers employ the pneumatic conveyor system to quickly strip down the whole food to its final product. This makes it easier to get bulk quantities ready for packaging and shipment to the stores where they will be sold.

These few reasons are a basic explanation of the importance of conveyor systems for food processing. Without them, workers would have a difficult time with quality inspections and bulk quantities would be much harder to attain. If you need new conveyor belts for your machinery, California Industrial Rubber Company has the quality parts you deserve.