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Work Safety Tips in Agriculture

If you have a job in the agriculture industry, then you need to be certain you are safe at all times. It is crucial to pass along any safety tips to co-workers so that everyone is able to have the best work environment possible.

Wear the Proper Clothing

A lot of the equipment used for these kinds of jobs has sharp edges and various gears. You do not want a shirt sleeve to get caught within the gears. Wear formfitting clothing that does not hang off your body. You should not wear a tie, and your shirt should be tucked in at all times. Additionally, if you have long hair, then you want to keep it tucked under a hat.

Ensure Proper Training

Under no circumstances should you let someone operate a piece of machinery they do not have the proper training in. Most devices such as tractors require the driver to have a certain number of hours operating the device. Abide by all rules exactly. You should also never allow children anywhere near these devices. Inform every one of your presence on top of the tractor so that no one gets in your way.
With the proper precautions, you and other employees can have a safe timeout in the field. Look into all the gear you need for this work by calling California Industrial Rubber Company.