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Custom Manufactured Belts, Hoses, Gaskets & Rubber Products

The Central Manufacturing Facility of CIR opened in March of 1993. It is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and well trained personnel that fabricate many quality, CIR products which are then shipped to our branches for sale to the public.

Central Manufacturing produces specialty items for the Agricultural and Industrial markets of California. The majority of these items are inexpensive replacement parts for many types of machinery ranging from shaker pads, slings and belting for nut harvesting equipment, pick-up and discharge belts for grape harvesters, as well as many specialty belts for conveying equipment of all types. The facility houses upwards of a million dollars worth of a wide variety of conveyor belting, including but not limited to Monofilament & Nylon Core Belting, Light weight & plied PVC belting, rubber and PVC incline belting and heavy rubber belt. In addition to this belting inventory, Central Manufacturing also has a complete line of cleating and guide materials including, but no limited to, PVC cleats up to 4", v-guides (regular and notched), curved cleats, scoop cleats and side flanges which are attached to the belt by machinery that heats the guide or cleat and the belt to form a heavy duty bond when attached.

We also have a complete die shop where dies can be purchased by customers for a one time fee and then used to punch gaskets and other items out of most any type of material CIR sells. The die shop is complete with two punch presses that have the capability of producing several thousand pieces per day.

The Central Manufacturing Facility of CIR also houses a Central Splicing division. This division is made up of highly trained individuals with training in the area of belt splicing and on-site projects. This staff can be dispatched and be at a customers site within hours to splice a belt while it is still on the equipment. This can save you the time and resources of repairing or replacing a belt.

California Industrial Rubber has recently added Water Jet Cutting Services to faclitate bring your projects to life even faster.

Contact the CIR sales branch near you and let them show you what our Custom Manufacturing Services can do for you!!!!