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Buy Sponge and Foam Materials at Our California and Nevada Locations

California Industrial Rubber Company offers a range of foam and sponge products to our clients. These products are ideal for optimizing the performance of your machinery and creating die-cut components for specific tasks. You can buy nearly any industrial item you need from us. We understand that our clients purchase from us with the expectation of quality, and that’s exactly what we deliver. We are proud to offer many items for sale in order to meet all of our clients’ range of needs. There is no better industrial supplier to buy sponges, foam or any other product from, so let us fulfill your needs.

Uses for Rubatex Products

In addition to the variety of general use foams we offer, we sell specialized foam products from Rubatex. These products are differentiated by their closed cellular rubber structure, which creates a strong, high quality and affordable option with a wide range of potential uses, including:

  • High temperature engineering
  • Moisture, air and dust seals
  • Thermal protection
  • Automotive applications
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Various industrial uses

Rubatex boasts five mills rather than two, as well as a two-stage mix rather than a single stage. This, coupled with its layered preparations, makes it one of the most versatile and durable materials available.

Industrial Products From a Reliable Source in Nevada and California

There are a variety of applications for sponge and foam products. If you are looking for a supplier of these products in Nevada and California, you need not look any further than California Industrial Rubber Company. We are the top belt fabrication supplier serving clients throughout markets in California and Nevada, including Tulare, Sparks, Nev., Merced, Yuba City and Bakersfield. For more information on how we can stock your warehouse with the items you need most, call us at 559-268-7321.

Foam & Sponge

Stocking distributor for Rubatex in the following styles & types:

SB Black Closed Cell Sponge
SB Black Sponge laminated (Bin,Padding)
W/Sage Green Vinyl Film
IV 1 Sponge w/13 oz white SCE 41
Supported Vinyl Film (Bin Padding)
White Polyether Foam
Latex Foam Donuts for Scrubber,Brushes
Dortite Sponge SCE 41
Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Cord
Insulation Tubing
Sponge w/Pressure Sensitive Tape