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Purchase Protective Clothing to Keep Employees Safe

Protective clothes are a great way to reduce workplace accidents and ensure everybody makes safety a priority. In an industrial setting, there are a number of unique risks that exist, but the enforcement of guidelines regarding shoes, gloves and protective footwear may be able to mitigate the occurrence of incidents. California Industrial Rubber Company offers these and a range of other industrial goods to clients. The products we have for sale are the best you will find, so you can trust that you will receive high quality gear when you buy from us.

Improve Safety By Having the Correct Gear

There are a number of benefits to using protective clothing in the workplace. As the owner or manager of an industrial company, you doubtlessly want to minimize both the costs and risks associated with the work you do. Implementing use of the right safety wear can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Lower liability for accidents and injuries
  • Fulfill legal standards regarding safety
  • Eliminate the cost incurred by injuries
  • Reduce turnover by protecting your staff
  • Reduce incidents of work missed due to risk

Serving Nevada and California

Safety gear is one of the best investments you can make in your safety and well-being at work, but it is only effective when you are using the right protective clothing made by a trusted manufacturer, however. Luckily, that’s exactly what California Industrial Rubber Company offers clients throughout California.. We sell a range of industrial products, including aerosols, for clients. This includes Fresno, Merced, Tulare, Sparks, Nev., Bakersfield and Yuba City, as well as the rest of the California and Nevada areas. Call us at 559-268-7321 for more information.

Protective Clothing & Safety

Stocking distributor for Tingley, Lakeland,  Ansell Occupational Healthcare & LBD in the following styles & types:

Tyvek Disposable Coveralls Respirators
Rayon Rainwear Dust Mask
Polyurethane Rainwear Safety Glasses
PVC/Polyester Rainwear Goggles
Premium Webdry Rainwear Bump Caps/Hard Hats
Economical 3-Pc Rainwear Aprons
safety clothing
safety clothing


Stocking distributor for Tingley, La Crosse & Honeywell in the following styles & types:

Poly-D Overshoe Cowboy Overshoe
Natural Rubber Overshoes 15" Nitrile Boot PT
PVC Knee Boot PT 15" Nitrile Boot ST
PVC Knee Boot ST Infants Boots
12" Neoprene Boot PT Children's Boots
12" Neprene Boot ST Youths Boots
16" Neoprene Boot PT Bama Socks
16" Neoprene Boot ST Boot Socks
Hip Boots 6" PVC Workshoe ST
Chest Waders Mahogany Podner
Women's Boots Tricot Men & Boys


Stocking distributor for Ansell Occupational Healthcare , Cordova, Liberty, Pacific Glove & Wells Lamont in the following styles & types:

Natural Latex Slip-ons
Nitrile Buna Supported & Unsupported
Neoprene Disposable Gloves
PVC Cotton Knit
Polyvinyl Alcohol Glove Liners
Gauntlet Style 10"-31" Leather Work Gloves
Knit Wrist Welder's Gloves
Safety Cuff Driver's Gloves
Rolled Cuff